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A career in medicine,
investing in health and in the future!


Quebec First Nations and Inuit Faculties of Medicine Program

Launched in 2008, the Quebec First Nations and Inuit Faculties of Medicine Program (QFNIFMP) supports First Nations and Inuit applicants who want to study medicine through a guidance structure that facilitates their admission and integration throughout their university career.

Study Medicine

The Program is open to all First Nations and Inuit applicants in Quebec who are interested in studying medicine in Quebec, no matter their age or place of residence, provided they meet the minimum requirements.



Every year, future physicians participate in cultural awareness activities and have an opportunity to enhance their career path  through internships in First Nations and Inuit communities in Quebec.


Check the calendar for important dates and upcoming events.

Ever considered a career in medicine?

The Program grants ten spots annually in one of four faculties of medicine in Quebec. The QFNIFMP is available at nine campuses. Each is unique and offers different options to suit your lifestyle. 

No matter which campus you choose, your training and academic career will be the same as all other medical students. 

Candidates admitted under the QFNIFMP receive personalized coaching and support from professionals and mentors throughout their journey.

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Université de Sherbrooke | Études dans la province de Québec

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Interested in a career in healthcare?

If you are a member of a First Nations or Inuit community in Quebec looking to work in healthcare, please contact us. We will guide you through the process.

looking to work in healthcare

Quebec faculties of medicine have a spot reserved for you!

Université de Sherbrooke | Études dans la province de Québec