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Internships in First Nations and Inuit Communities

Enrich your medical training!

Internships in First Nations and Inuit communities and organizations in Quebec are available to all preclinical medical students who attend these universities (Indigenous and non-Indigenous but with priority to Indigenous people):


Over a period of four weeks during the summer, these mentored internships aim to enable the development of the clinical competence and cultural awareness of future physicians in Quebec.

Unique Experience and Change of Scenery

Cultural and Social Immersion

Stimulating and Rewarding Challenge

Other Benefits

An Internship in a First Nations or Inuit Community Involves:

More than 20 different internships environments

Fifteen First Nations and Inuit communities and organizations in Quebec
Opportunities across Quebec
“There is too much to say. I have created so many memories about the people I have met, the clinic, exceptional nurses and dedicated physicians. About the land. About the caribou, both alive and on my plate. Endless nights. I’ve seen so much, so many wonderful things.”

Anne-Sophie Lê, intern, summer 2019, Université de Montréal


To become a practicum setting and host an intern in your community or organization, contact the QFNIFMP Coordinator at (418) 842 1540 or at